Tariff Committee
Dr. Michelle Zwicker, Chair
Dr. Rob Furlong
Dr. Shane Roberts
Dr. Derrick Batten
Finance Committee
Dr. Pat Redmond, Chair
Dr. Michelle Zwicker
Dr. Paul Hurley

Hospital Services Committee
Chair vacant
Dr. Rehan Malik
Dr. Sneha Abhyankar
Dr. Rebecca Woodford
Dr. Louis Bourget
Salaried Dentists Committee
Dr. Brian Kizner, Chair

Continuing Education Committee
Dr. Rob Furlong, Chair
Dr. Sneha Abhyankar
Dr. Renee Mulrooney
Awards Committee
Dr. Jason Noel, Chair
Dr. Jacqueline Tucker
Dr. Rob Cochran
Dr. Paul Hurley
Dr. Craig Smith

By-Laws Committee
Dr. Gary Butler, Chair
Dr. Marina Sexton
Dr. Keith Snelgrove
Dr. Robert Sexton
Dr. Jason Noel
Dental Health Awareness Committee
Dr. Renee Mulrooney, Co-Chair
Dr. Jessica Barron, Co-Chair
Dr. Trang Nguyen
Dr. Kimberly Williams
Dr. Margot Hiltz
Dr. Tricia O'Brien
Dr. Becky Olacke

Wellness Committee
Dr. Rob Cochran, Chair
Dr. Jacqueline Tucker
Dr. Jason Noel
Dr. Robert Sexton
Dr. Sneha Abhyankar
CDA Board Member
Dr. Linda Blakey

2015 Oral Health Convention Committee
Dr. Shane Roberts , Co- Chair
Dr. Robert Furlong


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Suite 102
Mount Pearl, NL
A1N 0C9
Phone: 709 579-2362
Fax: 709 579-1250
Email: nfdental@nfld.net